We are an emerging small business software development company, focusing on custom projects, commercial website development, hands-on training for corporations and individuals, and consultancy services.

Our focus is on Small business, Government Sector and Partnership with big IT companies..


Our Products

Brainyway Solutions Inc. consistently provides our customers with highly qualified staff and services that continually exceed customer expectations.

Our past performance across various government and private agencies demonstrates the depth and breadth of our technical and management capabilities.



In need of excellent IT developers, Quality Assurance Engineers, or Business Analysts? We can help you right away. We always have professionally-trained and talented candidates available, ready to get the job done.


The Brainyway Team

Brainyway Solutions Inc. is small business company, registered in Maryland in 2005, and certified as a MBE and DBE in 2012. Brainyway Solutions has a strong technical and management foundation, and our team includes Sun-certified architects and senior developers. The CEO of Brainyway Solutions has over 20 years of strong technical expertise, who also acts as the CTO for all product and software development. In addition, Brainyway Solutions has a sound training background and has conducted software development and quality assurance testing trainings.

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