MyRide Application

MyRide is a real-time passenger information system designed to improve the lives of transit passengers and create a seamless travel experience, including accurate, real-time arrival bus information. MyRide is a web based J2EE application, hosted on the latest Oracle WebLogic servers, which employs a lightweight REST based web service to clients (mobile devices on the vehicles, passengers, and transit employee users). MyRide databases are loaded with information on vehicles, routes, stops, employees, and employee roles. MyRide is a secured system, only authorized users are granted access.

MyRide has two android-based mobile clients (applications), one is associated with vehicle (bus) and another is for passenger use. Each vehicle is equipped with a mobile device, which is loaded with a secured application (the Vehicle App). The driver has to sign into the app to authenticate driver access with the Central System.

Once the Vehicle App authenticates the user with the server, a route gets initialized in the Central System and is ready to receive location information from the bus. A passenger who accesses the MyRide website can select a bus and a stop to find out when the next bus is going to arrive at the desired stop. This interface is common to both users and passengers. A passenger also can download a Passenger App to recieve the same information.

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Functionalities of MyRide