Paperless Classroom

Educational institutions use paper materials for all work assigned in the classroom and out. Using paper for all classwork poses several issues, such as environmental distress, easy loss, and a disconnect between students, faculty, and parents.

Many schools use document management systems to manage student files, and institutions are increasingly using these systems to facilitate compliance with respect to corporate issues, such as accreditation, licensing, and faculty records. School executives have discovered that electronic document management can significantly aid in risk reduction and increase efficiency at their institutions.

Paperless Classroom allows institutions to anticipate and document each compliance element monitored by accreditation, licensing, faculty records, student records etc. Paperless Classroom seamlessly incorporates all aspects of an educational institution, into one product. There are three modules: the admin/principal, teachers, and students. Each module has set abilities, for example, admin and principles are able to add teachers & student details, teachers can create documents, and students are able to view and upload documents.
The key features/modules of Paperless classroom system are:

  • Admin / Principal

  • Teachers Students

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Functionalities of Paperless Classroom